Samsung 719L French Door Refrigerator Chef Mode(SRF719DLS) is one of the best refrigerator till now. It’s narrow doors swing out to reveal everything at eye level so you’re not wasting time searching for what you need. And the doors won’t take up much space compared to one full width door – perfect for when your kitchen is busy with guests. Plenty of compartments and generous height between shelving ensures there’s a place for everything. Now you can see exactly what’s in your crisper drawers at a glance without having to waste time bending down to reach for fruit and veg. For extra fridge space when entertaining, change the Cool Zone temperature in the bottom right freezer to ‘Chill’ or ‘Cool’ for storing drinks and fresh food. It’ll take the stress out of catering for a larger crowd. Triple Cooling Technology ensures food stays fresher for longer with optimum temperature and humidity control in both the fridge and two main freezer sections. Filtered water and cubed or crushed ice on demand means your guests can help themselves to a drink without having to ask you for one. When you have extra bottles and space is taken in the door bins, simply slide back the right side of the bottom shelf to slot in your taller items. It is easy keeping freezer compartments organized with pull out drawers and everything in full view so you won’t forget what’s in there.