The Debt Management Group is a debt settlement and debt consolidation company based in New York, offering its services since 1995. The company also offers credit counseling and a free debt analysis with their expert advisors. A variety of educational resources is available on the company’s website such a debt calculator, a blog with updated educational articles on finance, and even a live chat feature to provide further assistance.

The Debt Management group provides experienced advisors to give their customers a free financial analysis in accordance with their specific circumstances. These advisors will also provide you with a personalized savings plan and will help you in making an informed decision about which debt resolution process would best suit your needs. The company’s website states that the debt settlement process can have a duration of 3 to 30 months. A positive aspect of this company is the wide array of debt relief options that this company offers. The Debt Management Group can choose a debt settlement program, debt consolidation, or credit counseling. Additionally, the company showcases several testimonials from satisfied customers on their website, along with highlights of company’s successful debt negotiations.

The company has several good features but there are some bad ones as well. The major problem with this company is the lack of accreditations. Considering the time this company has been in the market, a lack of these accreditations is a dealbreaker. These accreditations are crucial to ensure that the company is credible and reputable. Another problem with the company is that like many other companies in the industry, it lacks pricing transparency. There is no information on the company’s website about the upfront fees, monthly payments, or the average interest rate; and the company does not offer a money back guarantee. Moreover, the company has limited availability and is currently operating only in 5 states, namely: New York, Ohio, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Connecticut.