Basically a non-profit organization, Trinity Debt Management has been providing debt management programs, student loans, credit counseling, and housing loans since 1994. The company’s main emphasis is on offering credit counseling services and debt management programs to enable families and individuals eliminate their debts, and remain debt-free in the future.

While the company’s website provides a wealth of resources and books to educate people in debt, the website provides no information about their pricing plan, upfront charges, and the results you can expect from their service. However, the company does offer a free debt analysis and you can speak to one of their certified counselors for an advice on your debt situation. During this process, the counselor will identify the best debt management plan for you, and you’ll also get a feel of how the company operates.

Although Trinity Debt Management has been operating for well over 2 decades now, the lack of information on their website about the monthly fees, upfront fees, and interest rate makes us doubtful about the transparency of their pricing and services. There is also no information available about the states where Trinity Debt Management can operate, making it hard for potential customers to determine whether this service would be able to help them or not.

The company also lacks some essential accreditations, and although the company is accredited by ISO and FCAA, we failed to find an NFCC accreditation. recognition by NFCC is crucial for debt management services since it shows a commitment to maintaining high standards and following best industry practices. Despite the fact that it is a non-profit organization and has been operating since 1994; the essential information missing on their website about state availability, monthly prices, upfront prices, interest rate, and success expectancy makes the credibility and reputation of this company doubtful. We would like to see a higher level of transparency on their website and as of now, we cannot recommend this service.