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IdentityIQ Review: Identity Theft Protection with Restoration Services

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IdentityIQ Reviews, Plans, and Prices

Starting in 2009, IdentityIQ, operated by IDIQ, offers comprehensive identity theft protection plans that range from low to moderate in terms of pricing. While the company’s primary focus is to protect you from identity theft, should it happen, IdentityIQ is readily equipped to help you navigate the potentially difficult road ahead. Learn more in this IdentityIQ review covering plans, pricing, benefits, and more, and discover why we chose it as one of our best identity theft protection companies.

About IdentityIQ

IdentityIQ is set up much like many of its peers. The company offers several identity protection plans with prices that range from budget-friendly to moderate. IdentityIQ’s budget option features basic ID theft protections and $1 million in identity theft insurance.

However, IdentityIQ takes basic protections to the next level by providing lost wallet assistance, lawyer and expert fee coverages, and ID restoration services in all of its plans, including the budget version.

In the top tier plan that IdentityIQ calls SecureMax, customers can expect robust identity protections, including three-bureau credit monitoring, scores, and reporting, and $25,000 additional ID theft insurance for the whole family. The plan also includes all of the coverages of the three lower-priced plans.

What makes the SecureMax plan extraordinary, however, is the availability of fraud restoration using limited power of attorney or LPOA. LPOA allows IdentityIQ to act on your behalf to help expedite putting your identity and credit back together after an ID theft incident.

IdentityIQ review image


  • Lowest priced plan includes extensive features

  • Secure Max plan includes family coverage

  • Customers assigned a personal restoration manager if necessary

  • LPOA identity restoration services are available

  • All plans include some form of ID restoration services

  • All plans include $1 million in identity theft insurance


  • Only 1-bureau credit monitoring in lowest-cost plan

  • Credit score change alerts not available in lowest-cost plan

  • Middle-tier plan only offers biannual credit reports

  • Anti-virus and VPN are add-on costs

  • Family plan only available in Secure Max plan

  • Short, 7-day trial period

IdentityIQ Review Features and Benefits

IdentityIQ surpasses its competition in identity theft restoration by providing customers who suffer an ID theft event with a personal restoration specialist with LPOA authorization. Doing so allows the specialist to perform tasks in your place to return your identity situation to normal rapidly. The plans themselves offer the following features and benefits.

  • $1 million stolen funds reimbursement in all plans
  • $25K ID theft insurance in family Secure Max plan
  • Lawyer and expert expense coverage in all plans
  • Personal expense compensation
  • SSN alerts in all plans
  • Limited power of attorney restoration in top Secure Max plan
  • 3-bureau credit reports and scores
  • 3-bureau credit report monitoring in top two plans
  • Credit score change alerts in top two plans
  • Synthetic ID theft protection

IdentityIQ Editorial Rating

Trusted Company Reviews Rating Score for IdentityIQ: 4.45

Criteria Total Points: 
Satisfaction Guarantee 5
ID theft protection insurance amount 6
Credit monitoring 10
Family plan available 8
Monthly pricing 5
Dark web monitoring 5
Resolution services available 10
Alerts 10
Online privacy attributes 12
Expert opinion score 18

IdentityIQ Plans and Prices

IdentityIQ offer four plan choices from a basic, budget option to the more comprehensive Secure Max plan that’s also available as a family plan.

Plan Name Secure Secure Plus Secure Pro Secure Max
Monthly Price / Annual payment price $6.99 / $71.30 $9.99 / $101.90 $19.99 / $203.90 $29.99 / $305.90
Features 1-bureau credit report monitoring

$1 million stolen funds reimbursement

Lawyers and experts cost coverage

SSN alerts

Synthetic ID theft protection

Address change notification

File sharing network searches

Lost wallet assistance

ID restoration service

Everything in Secure plan plus:

Annual 3-bureau credit reports and scores

Everything in Secure Plus plan plus:

3-bureau credit report monitoring

3-bureau credit reports and scores drops to biannual

Enhanced credit report monitoring

Criminal activity alerts

Credit score change alerts

Everything in Secure Pro plan plus:

Annual 3-bureau credit reports and scores

Family coverage including $25K ID theft insurance

Credit score simulator and tracking

Limited power of attorney fraud restoration

Is IdentityIQ a scam?

IdentityIQ reviews are generally positive, including a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot and 5-star ratings in 44% of Consumer Affairs reviews. However, the company occasionally struggles with very low ratings and disturbing reviews about shady business practices—Begging the question, “Is IdentityIQ a scam?”

Digging deeper into complaints on the BBB website, we found multiple instances of third-party sales of IdentityIQ with little information available other than that. While IdentityIQ is a reputable identity theft protection provider and, indeed, not a fake company, scams that use the company’s name seem to exist. Ensure any business calling themselves “IdentityIQ” can prove its connection to the actual company before signing up for anything.

Is IdentityIQ Right for You?

IdentityIQ offers several plans that could fit just about anybody’s identity theft protection needs. If you’re seeking budget-friendly basic protections, the company’s lower-tier plans can provide that while insuring your policy for up to $1 million and offering restoration services as well.

On the other hand, if you need more advanced identity protection for the entire family, IdentityIQ also has a plan for that, with VPN and antivirus options available for additional costs.

IdentityIQ Vs. LifeLock

IdentityIQ and LifeLock are similar but different. While IdentityIQ focuses on providing solid ID theft protections at budget-friendly prices, LifeLock appeals to consumers willing to spend more each month for robust financial, personal, and online protections.

IdentityIQ review vs LifeLock

IdentityIQ offers four distinct plans, with the top-level one also available as a family plan. LifeLock provides nine plan choices. And, where IdentityIQ charges just $6.99 per month for individual basic coverage, LifeLock’s comparable plan is $11.99 monthly.

Despite the differences, both companies are good at what they do. When it comes to restoring a stolen identity, IdentityIQ may have the advantage over LifeLock and does so for far less money.

Feature IdentityIQ LifeLock
Trusted Company Review Score 4.45 4.3
Maximum Identity Theft Insurance Amount Per Adult $1M $3M
Trial Period 7 days 30 days
Credit Monitoring Available in Lowest Cost Plan 1 Bureau 1 Bureau
Dark Web Monitoring Yes Yes
Available Number of Dependents Protected 4 5
VPN Available Add on Add on
Lowest Monthly Cost $6.99 $11.99
Highest Monthly Cost $29.99 $79.99

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