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Protect My Car Review for 2024: Is It Worth it?

Are you contemplating the merits of a Protect My Car extended car warranty? Protect My Car customer reviews about its extended car warranty plans and customer service should help you decide whether they will deliver upon your needs and expectations.

You’re interested in a car warranty to protect you from unexpected expenses, resulting in you saving money over the long term. Isn’t that right? Therefore, it’s imperative to confirm that a) the company covers its customers’ claims at a high rate and b) you can easily file claims and get expenses paid with ease. If the company has a reputation for denying claims at a high rate and its customer service offers poor quality service and communication, you should definitely shop around for a better option. Armed with this invaluable information, you’ll be well-prepared to decide if Protect My Car warranty plans are worth the price.

At, our dedicated team meticulously evaluated a trove of Protect My Car warranty customer reviews and complaints, and we are excited to share what we found. Additionally, we’ve enlisted the expertise of car industry guru Chris Teague, a renowned figure with a track record of evaluating the best extended car warranty plans in the market. Chris is well known for his work on leading car industry sites, including, Muck Rack, Car Gurus, and Forbes. Chris shares his experience with Protect My Car versus other top-rated extended car warranty companies, including CarShield, Endurance, and CarChex.

Customer reviews matter, and while Protect My Car has picked up plenty of positive reviews over the years, it also has a large number of customer service complaints. This company has racked up over 570 BBB complaints, mainly regarding Protect My Car’s customer service. We’ll give you all of the details below!

The company offers a slightly smaller range of coverage options than its competitors, but its choices for higher-mileage cars set it apart from the crowded industry.

Extended Car Warranty Reviews: Protect My Car Customer Service Rating, BBB Reviews and Complaints Revealed

About Protect My Car

Protect My Car is an 18-year-old company based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Its coverage options span three basic tiers, with warranties covering basic powertrain components ranging to almost comprehensive. Coverage plans come with benefits, such as free scheduled maintenance, and some offer plans for higher-mileage vehicles that can be up to 20 years old.

Protect My Car Warranty Pros and Cons

Customer reviews are helpful in determining the right warranty company for you, but they’re not the only credible resource to find pros and cons.


  • Coverage options for high-milage vehicles: PMC stands out with specialized plans designed to protect vehicles with high mileage, offering coverage options for cars up to 20 years old and with up to 200,000 miles.

  • Flexible payment options: PMC provides flexibility with a range of payment options, allowing you to choose deductibles and tailor your monthly payments according to your preferences and budget.

  • Add-ons include oil changes and trip interruption coverage: PMC goes the extra mile by including valuable add-ons such as complimentary oil changes and essential trip interruption coverage, enhancing the overall value of their warranty plans.


  • Coverage is not available in all states: PMC’s coverage is not available in several states, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Washington.

  • Some plans have restrictive mileage limits: PMC’s certain plans come with restrictive mileage limits, which might impact vehicle owners who exceed these limits, potentially leading to limitations in coverage for higher-mileage cars.

  • Spotty customer reviews: PMC’s reputation is marked by mixed customer reviews, with feedback ranging from positive to negative. This could raise concerns about the overall satisfaction and reliability of their warranty services.

Protect My Car: Process to Get Started

  • PMC requires submitting your email and phone number to receive a quote, but the company does an excellent job of not spamming prospective customers with emails and phone calls after the initial request.
  • Though you’ll have to talk to a person to get started, PMC’s quotes come quickly, and the process of signing up is relatively painless.
  • Company sales reps are also transparent and easy to interact with, making the process less annoying.

It’s worth noting that PMC doesn’t offer coverage in several states, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Washington. Vehicle owners in other states can choose from three levels of coverage, and all plans come with bonuses like roadside assistance, free oil changes, and more. There’s more good news in PMC’s coverage policies, where vehicles can have up to 200,000 miles, though some plans have strict mileage limits.

PMC’s waiting period is slightly different from those seen from other companies. It calls the wait a “30-Day Look Period,” during which customers cannot file claims. PMC said this time is to allow customers the ability to make sure they’ve chosen the right coverage options and that they are happy with the product.

Reviews on Protect My Car Extended Car Warranty Claims and Process

PMC customers file claims with their repair shop, but the company’s representatives are available to walk them through each step of the process. The shop will inspect the vehicle and determine if the customer’s warranty plan covers the failed component(s) and communicate with PMC on the claim.

The company said that work cannot progress until final authorization is given, so it’s important to make sure the shop has followed the procedure before your car goes on the lift.

Customer Service Complaints: A Shadow Over Protect My Car

As of January 2024, Protect My Car faces over 570 complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), primarily focused on three recurring themes related to customer service:

  1. Denied Claims: Customers report frequent instances of Protect My Car denying coverage for repairs, citing exclusions or technicalities in the contract. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction, leaving customers feeling cheated out of their investment.
  2. Unresponsive Communication: Numerous reviewers complain about difficulties reaching customer service. Long wait times, unanswered phone calls, and delayed email responses contribute to a perception of neglect and unresponsiveness.
  3. Unprofessional Conduct: Shockingly, some reviews detail unpleasant interactions with rude and unprofessional customer service representatives. This behavior further erodes trust and adds to the negative sentiment surrounding Protect My Car’s claims handling.

Protect My Car BBB Alert:

protect my car customer service reviews and complaints

Whenever you find a “BBB Alert” above a company’s profile on the BBB, that’s a red flag. For Protect My Car, its BBB Alert is due to an unusually high number of complaints coming into the BBB due to–

  1. Long phone hold times after customers called Protect My Car’s customer service
  2. Inability to submit claims online
  3. Lack of communication from the business.

These issues paint a worrying picture for potential customers, casting a shadow over Protect My Car’s reputation. The company’s “C” rating from the BBB and its lagging performance in customer satisfaction compared to the industry further raise concerns about its commitment to customer service.

Protect My Car Coverage Verification Tips:

Prior to granting approval for any car repairs, take the precautionary step of reaching out to Protect My Car’s claims department. This proactive measure can substantially mitigate the risk of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for repairs.

This step’s significance becomes evident from the experiences of certain clients as illustrated in Protect My Car reviews and BBB complaints, who unfortunately found themselves ineligible for reimbursement due to various reasons. Check out the complaints filed with the BBB against Protect My Car.

Furthermore, it’s prudent to obtain written confirmation from Protect My Car regarding the approved coverage for the necessary repairs. This written documentation acts as a protective measure. It comes from the experiences of some customers who encountered situations where they paid for repairs upfront, anticipating reimbursement. Regrettably, they later faced challenges when attempting to reach out to Protect My Car’s customer service and claims department. These reported challenges involve difficulties in connecting with available personnel to address concerns.

Protect My Car Claims phone number: 1-844-556-4762
Protect My Car’s roadside assistance contact phone number: 1-888-676-4762

Protect My Car Deductible

While PMC does charge a deductible, the company said that some repairs do not require one. Customers can choose between $50, $100, and $200 deductibles, and their monthly payment will reflect that choice.

PMC also offers add-ons with every warranty plan, including 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental car reimbursement. The benefits do have limits, however, such as $30 per day for rental car coverage, up to $210 per use.

Reasons Protect My Car Denies Claims

PMC’s reasons for denying claims are pretty standard in the industry. The company won’t cover repairs for components that were improperly installed or not from the approved brands.

Owners may also be on the hook for their own repairs if the vehicle has been neglected or abused, and all scheduled maintenance must have been kept up with. PMC may deny claims if a covered component fails due to a non-covered component and will not pay claims for which it has not given prior authorization.

It’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the vehicle does not incur further damage once a failure has occurred, so it’s essential that the car reaches a repair shop as soon as possible.

Driving around could cause additional failures that would not be covered under the warranty.

Owners must also ensure the vehicle has not been tampered with, such as having its odometer rolled back or computer systems altered.

Reviews on Protect My Car Costs and Prices

PMC’s plans vary in cost based on the coverage and type of vehicle. Higher-mileage models may see monthly warranty costs as high as $130-$150, while newer models with lower miles may be as cheap as $90 per month for coverage. Though it offers monthly payment options, the cost of PMC’s plans can easily reach multiple thousands of dollars over the life of the coverage, and most offer four years of protection.

The ability to choose a deductible is a significant benefit that PMC offers over many of its closest rivals. While it’s true that opting for a lower deductible raises the monthly and overall plan prices, having the ability to split payments across several months is a significant benefit to folks wanting a warranty without shelling out thousands of dollars upfront. PMC’s benefits are also a notable value-add, making the plans more useful without increasing prices.

Protect My Car Customer Reviews

  • The Better Business Bureau has received 542 complaints from PMC customers over the last three years and has closed 358 in the previous year.
  • The BBB noted that PMC’s challenges are due in large part to its internal transformation efforts, which involve automating several processes previously completed by humans.
  • At the same time, the company has received many complaints that state customers couldn’t reach anyone, human or otherwise. Reviews are slightly better at Consumer Affairs, where PMC earned almost 50 percent five-star reviews.
  • PMC is not a direct administrator, which could make customer service a bit more complicated, especially if the phone tree is confused with new technology.
  • Other poor reviews are from company repair partners, who say that PMC is sometimes days late paying claims, even for simple repairs, and note the company’s unresponsiveness to calls and emails. This could again be due to PMC switching tech platforms in-house, but the number of reviews related to the issue suggests it hasn’t yet gotten a handle on its operations.

Should You Buy a Protect My Car Warranty?

Despite its decent reputation for transparency and flexibility in pricing, there are simply too many questions surrounding PMC and its operations.

Understandably, PMC’s having growing pains, especially related to complicated technology systems. However, these issues should be happening behind the scenes in a limited testing environment rather than using customers as beta testers for a new phone system.

Moreover, additional concern arises from PMC’s limited array of coverage options. With only three plans at hand, the company falls short compared to the broader choices offered by most competitors.

While PMC does present coverage alternatives tailored to higher-mileage vehicles, and its monthly payment plans remain economically viable for the majority, superior alternatives are available to the majority of drivers seeking extended warranties.

Protect My Car Alternatives

Protect My Car’s limited coverage options and lack of coverage in several states put it behind rivals like Endurance. The company has more flexible coverage choices and far better customer reviews, making it a better option for most drivers.

Carchex is another solid competitor that has better customer reviews and more options, and its add-ons are excellent.

Finally, Olive Warranty is a great choice for customers not wanting to speak with a person on the phone to get started.

When considering whether to choose Protect My Car or CarShield for an extended car warranty plan, several factors come into play. Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses, which can impact the decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PMC a legitimate company?

Does PMC pay its claims?

How long is PMC’s waiting period?

How long are PMC warranty plans?


Protect My Car Ratings: (Customer Service, Coverage and BBB)

Rating Criteria for Extended Car Warranty Companies Points (1-10)
Coverage Options and Flexibility 6
Claim Process and Customer Service  7
Plan Cost and Value for Money 6
Customer Reviews and Reputation  4
Financial Stability and Industry Ratings  6
Additional Benefits and Features 8
Deductible and Repair Shop Network 8
BBB Rating and Accreditation Status   5
Time in Business  8
Expert’s Subjective Rating  (1-20 Points) 14
Protect My Car Total Points 69

Protect My Car vs. CarShield: Which extended car warranty plan is better?

Protect My Car:

Protect My Car offers coverage options for high-mileage vehicles, making it an attractive choice for owners of older or well-driven cars. The company’s three tiers of coverage plans cater to a range of needs, from basic powertrain components to more comprehensive options. Protect My Car also provides benefits like free scheduled maintenance and offers plans for vehicles up to 20 years old. However, the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is not the best, with a “C” grade and customer complaints raising concerns. The coverage is not available in several states, and while reviews are somewhat better from other sources, there’s still room for improvement in customer satisfaction.


CarShield, on the other hand, has been in business for 18 years and offers a variety of coverage plans, including add-on benefits such as roadside assistance, rental car assistance, and towing. CarShield stands out with its coverage for vehicles with up to 300,000 miles, making it an attractive option for owners of higher-mileage cars. However, the company’s reputation is mixed, with customer reviews varying widely. While some customers praise the company’s offerings and customer service, others report issues with slow operation and claims processing. Like Protect My Car, CarShield also has concerns related to the BBB and customer complaints.

Comparison Based on Rating Criteria:

Considering the rating criteria provided, CarShield scores slightly lower (68 points) compared to Protect My Car (69 points). However, the scores are close, suggesting that both companies have their own strengths and drawbacks.

CarShield’s advantages include a broader catalog of coverage options and convenient add-ons, while Protect My Car shines with tailored coverage options for high-mileage vehicles and flexible payment choices.

In conclusion, when deciding between Protect My Car and CarShield, it’s essential to carefully evaluate their specific plans, costs, benefits, and reviews. The decision ultimately depends on your individual needs, preferences, and priorities. Both companies have their merits, but due diligence is crucial to ensure you select the extended car warranty plan that aligns best with your requirements and provides reliable coverage.


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